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How Kleen Concepts reduced their ECO Approval Process by 86%

Customer Story | Kleen Concepts
ECO approval process reduced by 86%
ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 22716 certified audit trails
Cloud-based system to eliminate lost documents

About Kleen Concepts

With its origins as a family business dating back almost 50 years, Scottsdale, AZ-based Kleen Concepts is a provider of high-quality contract packaging and manufacturing solutions. Cosmetics, hair care and skincare companies looking for a wide range of services from formulation & blending to warehousing and inventory trust Kleen Concepts because of their attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Considerations for Selecting an eQMS

After years of relying on physical files, wet ink, and paper documents as their quality management system, the team at Kleen Concepts recognized the limitations of such a system. Important documents were getting lost and the task of managing piles of paperwork was hampering efficiency. It was time to switch to an Enterprise Quality Management System. 

The process didn’t take long  once Kleen Concepts learned ZenQMS could:

  • Automate the  manual engineering change order (ECO) process, which was taking two weeks to complete

  • Provide an ISO-certified audit trail for all documents and processes

  • Utilize a cloud-based system to eliminate their need for ink signatures

  • Support ISO compliance requirements generally

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Business Impact from Implementing an eQMS

“We have been able to accommodate more customer changes for quicker lead times. Once the ZenQMS system was set up, we were able to get ECOs started and completed in 1-2 days versus 1-2 weeks.” 

- Jasmin Antunez, Kleen Concepts Operations Support

The results were immediate and measurable. In addition to importing and managing their entire quality manual and related training into ZenQMS, Kleen Concepts staff use the Change Control and Issues modules on a daily basis and find them to be well organized and user-friendly; the direct result is the ability to support more engineering change order requests and deliver those changes up to 86% quicker. Reducing the ECO process in this way has a direct impact on return on investment (ROI). 

Of course, those faster approvals are meaningless if they’re not properly executed through the defined SOP and documented with proper electronic signatures. Kleen Concepts chose ZenQMS precisely because the company itself is ISO 9001/27001 certified and could provide evidence that the software platform could support companies operating in ISO environments.

“We chose ZenQMS because it has an audit trail that is ISO 22716 certified.”

- Jasmin Antunez, Kleen Concepts Operations Support

To learn more about how ZenQMS can help your company stay organized, compliant, and efficient with a quality management system that meets your needs in regulated environments including ISO, click here.

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